I'm a software engineering leader focused on making Good Things. I speak at conferences, local meet ups, and pretty much anywhere they'll give me a microphone. I live in Atlanta and have traveled the US working for various clients (all of whom are awesome). You can see a copy of my CV here. I currently lead a small software engineering shop called 7Factor.

What I've done

My career has varied from an in-the-trenches software engineer to a surrogate VP of Engineering. I've reorganized teams to make them more effective, built and deployed highly available distributed systems on cloud platforms along side bare metal, fixed bugs in very expensive enterprise software, designed (and built) microservices for a myriad of problem spaces, implemented world class eCommerce applications for very large retailers, and worked on many other interesting personal projects. I'd invite you to take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more details.

Leading on the edge

Dysfunctional or underperforming teams usually has nothing to do with the members of the team. While I have met my fair share of acidic individuals, poor leadership is what sinks projects--not bad engineers. Let that statement sink in. As stinging as it may be--it's the truth. I've seen it continually in my career (and often times been that poor leader). Over the years, I've learned a lot about teams: how they work effectively together, how design think can produce amazing design decisions, how confirmation bias skews estimates, and so on. Organizational effectiveness is a hobby, and I find the intersection of psychology and engineering teams to be a priceless trove of information about a team's performance. More recently I've focused on building and leading high performing teams for my clients and personal projects with various methodologies including KanBan. Suffice it to say that I won't be going back to managing teams the old way anytime soon.

Technologies and such

Over the years I've worked with more or less every popular technology that's popped up in industry, and instead of listing everything I've worked with over the past decade I'd invite you to give my CV a look if you're curious. But, odds are that even if the technology you're looking for isn't present I'm aware of it and/or have worked with it at some capacity. You can also find me on GitHub if you're curious about the code I write.