• Simple Handler TDD in GoLang

    I've been doing Test Driven Design for a few years now despite previous predjudice. A turning point for me was, Uncle Bob's emergent algorithms and advanced TDD talk; who would have thought you can back into a very efficient Sieve of Eratosthenes by writing a few tests and making them pass?

  • The Story of Reginald

    The day I ordered Reginald on Amazon and the weeks thereafter have solidified my belief that automation of everything is the most important thing one can do if you're looking for streamlined productivity. Reginald is an iRobot Roomba 800 series, and it's scary how much joy I derive from this little circular computer on wheels strapped to a vacuum cleaner.

  • Creating a Mongo cluster in AWS with Ansible

    Last time we visited AWS and Ansible our focus was on project organization, high level concepts, and the miscellaneous administrative things we need to do in order to happily secure access to an AWS account during execution. Next, I'd like to focus on actually building something using the framework referenced in the linked post: specifically a simple, replicated MongoDB cluster.

  • Seamless cloud migrations via microservices

    One well known benefit of utilizing the microservice design pattern is to decouple business concepts into distinct domains which enable teams to quickly release business value incrementally. The advantages of doing this are paramount in extremely competitive markets where enterprises who can pivot the fastest often produce the most amazing things. Some enterprises don't quite realize that by investing in a microservices based architecture you may, in fact, be prepping your company to go to the cloud. Let's take a run through some specific characteristics of a microservice approach that enhances cloud compatibility.

  • Intro to Ansible stacks in AWS

    Ansible is an easily extensible framework for doing just about anything you want. It's somewhat opinionated in how you should structure elements and files, and I've modified the stock Ansible approach create a straightforward opinionated algorithm on how to spin up stacks of just about anything you want in AWS. I'm going to run through some of the playbooks that I've built and discuss any best practices I've discovered.

  • Hello World

    Minty fresh. Couple of things on the to-do list that I need to complete, but otherwise this site should be ready to go. I moved away form hosting on top of Heroku--not because I dislike the platform, but generally because deploying this site via my non-ruby brain was just more trouble than I was willing to deal with. Instead, I'm rolling with an S3 bucket configured to host static content synchronizing with cloud front. Thanks to this wonderful GitHub project I found deploying is super easy to configure and execute (thanks Lauri)!